Landmark Forum Cult
Overcoming the Landmark Education Cult Issue: How Did They Do It?

One of the most popular names or brands of companies in the online world is the Landmark Education. Judging from the number of articles and review written about it, the brand is really a solid and has a lot of supporters. Are you aware that the current popularity of this company has been the center of controversies back in the 90’s? Yes, it is a very possible thing that you might have heard about the Landmark Cult issue. It has been the center of some of the most documented court battles back then. The people who were identified as the biggest sources of Landmark Education Cult statements were noted stating that they are just practicing their freedom of speech.

It is true that such issues could be totally damaging to the reputation of Landmark Education. The presence of those accusations in the web could definitely have a big impact on how people would still want to sign up for the Landmark Forum. For the succeeding years following the 1991 actions of Landmark Education to clear its name, there have been a lot of activities that were seen. These were aimed at making the public see that the cult issue is not true.

So, how did the issue go away? What actions were done in order to really prove that the cult system accusations are proven wrong? Some very visible actions were the following:

Information campaign drives initiated by Landmark Education: The succeeding years have been full of efforts by the people behind the company to make the public aware of what they are. Pamphlets and reading materials were produced. There were also TV appearances that bosses of Landmark Education have made. These are all in the hope that people will see what landmark really is on a different perspective. This gave the people a view of what the other side on the issue has to say.

Use of online means of information dissemination: In the 90’s people are already seeing the potentials of the internet when it comes to information dissemination. It reaches a wider range of audiences and the costs of doing this could be minimal. The Landmark Education as well as its graduates has started this effort on making informational videos about their programs and other relevant issues. Graduates made it clear that the websites they have made are results of their own decisions and they were not asked by Landmark Education to do it.

It is very obvious that at the current times, the issues have gone away. From time to time, some individuals would mention it but the effects would apparently be not that felt. The efforts of Landmark Education as well as the people who love it and see the goodness in it have paid off really well.

There are many good advanced courses that Landmark Education is offering. The attention that it has been getting at the current times is more than proof that it is really legitimate and has many benefits to offer to people. The issue regarding the cult system is no more and people should just focus on the possibilities that could be opened up for them by Landmark Education today.